As detailed on our Marketer and Publisher solutions pages, AddRev has two core business. Many publishers hire AddRev on a consulting basis to develop new online advertising revenue models from the ground up. AddRev develops innovative sponsorship offerings, ad product specifications, sales presentations, and recruits charter advertisers to jump start new revenue streams for publishers.

The 2nd way AddRev generates revenue for publishers is by placing and optimizing online advertising campaigns for direct response marketers on the Web sites and in the email lists of leading Web Publishers including several portals and Top 100 Web sites. We also provide a broad range of value-added strategic consulting services including ad creative and landing page design consultation as well as back-end campaign tracking solutions consultation.

Our #1 goal is to put together online advertising campaigns that produce outstanding high volume results and meet our clients' ROI objectives. This translates into significant new customer acquisition and/or sales for our advertisers and significant incremental revenue for our publisher partners.

AddRev was founded by Erik Lundberg, an industry pioneer who has worked in the field of interactive marketing for more than a dozen years. Following a successful career in traditional advertising, Lundberg began his interactive marketing career in the early 1990s working for U S WEST in interactive television. He then went on to run advertising sales for Songline Studios, an AOL-funded Web publisher, where he sold and produced the first interactive audio ads on the Internet. Lundberg then accepted a position at (now owned by Electronic Arts) as National VP of Sales, where he managed an ad sales and ad operations staff of 25.

Lundberg left pogo to run advertising sales at LuckySurf, a Top 50 Web site, where he quickly brought the company to profitability using a combination of cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA) ad sales strategies. After leaving LuckySurf and prior to founding AddRev, Lundberg ran his own Internet marketing consulting firm. Clients included Qbiquity, a leading viral marketing software company, Paramark, a pioneer in the field of campaign optimization, and Performics, a leading provider of pay per performance online marketing solutions.

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