AddRev works with online marketers in a wide variety of industries including: financial services, retail, health & beauty, real estate, software, telecommunications, entertainment, and education. Advertisers count on AddRev to cost effectively drive a high volume of leads, new customer acquisition, and/or transactions online.

AddRev delivers on these objectives by running advertisements for our clients on leading Web publishers' sites. In general, our marketer clients run advertisements only in the unsold or underutilized ad inventory of our publisher partners, who include many of the Internet's leading Web portals, Top 100 sites, and email providers. In many cases, AddRev has strategic relationships with these leading publishers who work exclusively with us to sell their unsold ad inventory.

AddRev's clients pay for their online advertising campaigns on a cost per action (CPA), cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM), or hybrid basis. No mater which pricing system is used, results are always tracked on an effective cost per action basis, so the marketer never pays more than they can afford for a lead, registration, application, new customer acquisition, purchase, or other action.

AddRev does much more than simply place clients' ads on publishers' Web sites and email lists, however. We also often work with our advertisers to help develop their online marketing strategy, consult on ad and landing page design, develop proprietary ad serving and optimization strategies, and assist clients in implementing results tracking solutions. We provide these services because our experience has shown that top ad creative, landing page design, and ad serving strategies often increase online advertising response rates by over 600%.

AddRev has assembled a broad network of partner companies in the fields of ad production, rich media production, Web site design, and campaign results tracking and many of our advertisers frequently tap into these resources.