AddRev has developed several breakthrough online advertising revenue models for start-up as well as Top 25 Web sites. These new ad and sponsorship product offerings have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for publishers.

In addition to developing these new revenue models for publishers on a consulting basis, AddRev also runs an advertiser network that drives several million dollars in incremental revenue per year for leading Web publishers and email providers including many portals and Top 100 Web sites. We generate this revenue for publisher partners by running direct response ads for our advertisers in publishers' unsold or underutilized ad inventory.

AddRev has screened over 2,000 online advertisers and tested over 500 online ads to determine which advertisers and ad creative generate the highest effective CPMs and revenue for our publishers. Our advertisers pay for their campaigns on a cost per action (CPA), cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM), or hybrid basis. However, we manage all campaigns on an effective CPM basis to insure that we hit the target CPMs established by our publishers for their remnant ad inventory.

Campaigns run in remnant, unsold publisher ad inventory and are pre-emptable at any time by the publisher. Publishers retain complete control over the AddRev advertisers that run on their sites or in their email lists, since they pre-approve AddRev's advertiser list to insure that there are no sales channel conflicts.

AddRev has developed several proprietary ad serving and optimization techniques that maximize publisher revenue and effective CPMs. We often increase publisher revenue from direct response campaigns by over 300% by implementing these strategies.